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Have Camera - Will Travel

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

If it's important for you to be there, then it's important to get it right. Once you find a great video production pro, it can serve you best to bring them with you for your travel shoots instead of hiring a local hometown videogrpaher that you don't know.

remotive video production equipment cases
Lunarvue Travel Kit: 6 checked bags contained everything required to light and support a 3 camera shoot in Austin, Texas

I work with a many intermediate and larger companies. Some of these companies have locations in other states or work in other markets, and most of these companies are represented at conventions everywhere. Those companies are not constrained to the borders of their own cities and states and neither is Lunarvue Media. There are several factors to keep in mind when hiring a video production partner for your company's needs; capabilities, content quality, efficiency, and of course cost, but one of the biggest factors to consider is TRAVEL EXPERIENCE. So, if you are seeking someone to cover your remote event, shoot testimonials at a convention, capture footage at an expo, shoot a video about your business, or showcase that new location, here are a few things you should consider when hiring a traveling video production specialist:

  1. Be Prepared for Anything: Accomplished shooters know how to think on their feet. To be equipped with back-up equipment and the know-how to trouble shoot issues that could arise on location (I even bring back up screws and tools).

  2. Be mobile: I shoot on-the-road quite a bit, I know it's important to be able to bring the most amount of equipment in least amount cases. Besides it being easier and faster to get around, it will also be less expensive when checking bags with an airline.

  3. Knowing the Ropes: Does your videographer have a media badge? Do you they know how to obtain lower fees for checking equipment with certain airlines? Are they ready to hire a driver on location? Do they know how to find local studios or locations to shoot at? Are they familiar with navigating any local video shooting restrictions?

  4. The Kitchen Sink: When shooting content away from home, it's impossible to have it all with you, but a video pro should have what they need to adapt to a variety of shooting locations. Do they have lights, tripods, a field monitor for you? Don't tell them what equipment you think they'll need. Tell them what you want to accomplish, and let them determine the right gear for any situation.

  5. They Represent You: Do you like the person you are hiring? I hope so, because you may spend a lot of time together. Are they personable? They should be because when your clients or the CEO meets them on your remote shoot, the perception will be that your video pro represents and works for you. So make sure whoever you bring is friendly and professional.

Remote video production in Austin, Texas for a web series about the dental industry
Overcoming obstacles: a last minute change in location while shooting in Austin, Texas meant rolling with it and being able to accommodate a difficult lighting situation and adding an extra interview subject on-the-fly.

Why not hire someone local in the city I am going to?

This is a legitimate question. And you total should...if you feel confident that they will represent your marketing department or brand well. Sometimes it can also be best to hire someone in another city if you are going to be seeking fantastic views of that city or need knowledge of specific locations that only a local would know....but keep in mind the caliber of video professional talent in that specific city; Is it a major city? Is there video production talent there that is on the level with the size and professionalism of your company? Are they capable of achieving the look you are accustomed to with your current videos?

Big City Talent - But More Affordable

Sometimes it's best to bring along an accomplished videographer from a market known for quality production and great rates. A market like the Tampa Bay Area is an excellent place to start. In the Tampa Bay Area you can find top-notch pros that could easily work in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, or Atlanta but would rather live and work in the Sunshine State with it's flexible talent pool, and lower cost of living and doing business. Florida also is a destination location, meaning airfare into and out of the state is accessible all the time. This makes top notch talent more affordable and accessible and if your Tampa based video pro travels, it makes them accessible anywhere. If you also need that localized knowledge, you could always work with your video pro to find and hire a local producer/scout in whichever city you are going to.

Also, why not bring your shoot to Tampa Bay? Bring your family AND get that video done at the same time. Come on down, the water is fine! :-)

Will it cost more to hire a traveling video pro?

It can, but not always! Typically the client will pay for airline fees, ground transportation (Uber or Lyft), and accommodations, as well as the baggage fees. Some video pros add a base travel day fee (after all they can't work while sitting on a plane) and some will charge an additional full-day rate. Some will require a travel per diem, while others will not. Some would prefer to book their own travel, others are fine with you booking it all. Find out how they add travel fees to their invoices and ask for an estimate for these fees. That can sound pricey, but in fact hiring a qualified professional to travel to another city can save you time which can save you money. Their efficiency and proficiency at their craft will give you peace of mind knowing that you have with you a member of your team from an established video production environment that's mobile, flexible, equipped with the right gear, and best of all...will represent you professionally while capturing quality content.


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