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I have a new iPhone, do I need a professional?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

As a business owner with a capable iPhone in your pocket, there are times you probably wonder

why you need to hire a video pro to shoot your videos. Well, if you'll indulge me, I'll explain why using a couple of goofy analogies.

You have a paintbrush, but are you a Picasso?

A trained artist spends a large part of their life dedicated to their craft. Maybe it's a leap to some, but I feel video professionals are artists too. Beyond the visual artistry, they are also story tellers that need to have a keen understanding of emotion and psychology to create videos that can take your brand's core values and package it in a way that is engaging to your core customer. It takes a good eye AND good editing to make that happen. Now, can someone do that with an iPhone? The short answer is yes. So, why then do pros have expensive professional cameras? Keep reading and I'll explain.

Tiger Woods's Yard Sale Golf Clubs.

Years ago I was a shooter/editor for the syndicated TV program "Golf with Gary Koch." Once after a shoot with golf legend Fuzzy Zoeller, I asked him an off-the-cuff question while I was packing up my gear, "Fuzzy who would win, me with the world's most expensive clubs or Tiger Woods with clubs he picked up at a yard sale?" Fuzzy laughed and said, "Well, Tiger would. Not only would he win easily, he'd win with just the putter!" So why I wondered, does Tiger even bother with the best clubs if he so good? Because with the better clubs, he's an even better golfer. Today there's tons of hype about how amazing the newest iPhone13 is, but while it can do much, it still hampered by tiny lenses and a small sensor. It will never be as good or as flexible as a cinema camera with large lenses, large sensors, dedicated audio inputs, higher bit-rate capturing, and lower light capability. I like to shoot with my iPhone too, it's fun, but when it's time to capture the best content for my clients, I don't rely on merely adequate tools, I want to use the best tools. This doesn't mean you shouldn't shoot with your iPhone, it does have a place in building your brand's identity. Allow me one more terrible analogy and I'll tell you how.

The "Main Dish" and the "Side Dish".

I once shot with famed chef, Wolfgang Puck. He's known to use colorful language, so just before going on the air we warned him it was live TV. The floor director cued us and the show host asked Wolfgang how is his new line of cookware better than his competitors'. Wolfgang turned to camera 2 and without hesitation said, "Well you see, just like in cooking, if you use shitty ingredients you get a shitty product!" It was an awesome live TV moment, but he was also right! Let's imagine for a moment that your business is a restaurant. But you ONLY serve french fries. Now I love a good side dish, it's an important part of the meal, but a restaurant that ONLY offers a side dish isn't going to get a lot of love. This is much like a business with a marketing strategy that ONLY utilizes iPhone content. It's brand isn't being represented as well as it should be. Count on the professional "chef" video pro to create the "main dish" video content that better shows off your brand's business philosophy and it's products in a slick professional way. Then you, the "sous chef" create the "side dish" content on your iPhone...those short videos introducing your new employee or unboxing a new product shipment. Both types of video "dishes" play an important role in the success of your company's comprehensive video marketing strategy.


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