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Your Non-Profit shouldn't be Non-Visible

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

If you are a non-profit organization that relies on donors to survive and thrive then you need to be seen and heard. You need to convey to your potential donors and to the community that you serve that you mean business even if you aren't a business.

Many times non-profit organizations will try to save as much money as possible. It makes sense as every penny counts, everything deemed as expendable or a luxury gets the axe. This is done to pay for critical services that are necessary to conduct daily operations. Things like maintaining a building, buying supplies, and fuel for delivery vehicles, but the one thing that is often ill-considered nonessential by these groups is spending money on marketing. If you are reading this you likely already realize how important marketing can be to expanding YOUR message to reach the masses that need to find you or want to help you in your pursuit to making our world a little brighter.

"many people volunteer their time, so I think

everyone working with us should too."

I hear the sentiment above often. It's important to remember you will get a different level of professional service if you pay a contractor as opposed to expecting a contractor to do the work for free. Typically, as is with many get what you pay for, or in this case you don't get what you don't pay for. That's the harsh reality of it. As a content creator I'm often asked to give of my time to help a charity. At

Lunarvue Media we donate many hours of our time and resources to non-profit causes that are near and dear to us each year. Some of the larger more established non-profits we collaborate on projects with recognize the value in contracting with professional art, design, and content service companies like us, and realize that there is a definite return on their marketing investment.

"Would you trust a charity organization that only had a handmade sign with sticker letters on it's door or just a cheesy homepage?"

Let's pretend for a moment that you have two similar charities to give your hard earned dollars to. One has a poster board taped sign to their door, the other a large illuminated sign out on the street. Charity A has a 90s era homepage site and Charity B has a professional website full of features, links, information, and photos. Based on this alone, who are you more willing to give your donation? I think the one conveying a more professional approach is more likely to win your contribution. This is not to say that some charities aren't performing well with modest means, but for the donor, the non-profit that looks more professional will be trusted and convey confidence in them that their investment is sound.

For-Profit businesses and Non-Profit businesses are different in may ways, but they also have similarities. It behooves the Non-Profit to think like a For-Profit. The For-Profit knows that in order to thrive it must reach it's core customer. That is done through research and through marketing. They find out exactly who will respond positively to their offerings and they showcase how their goods or services will impact the life of that customer. Sometimes this marketing approach is done in a way that is upbeat, sometimes it's in a way that pulls at the heartstrings. All the time it's done in a way that showcases 'value' to the customer. So, if a non-profit wants to have broader reach and be able to do more with it's resources, it really needs to start thinking like a For-Profit in terms of branding, marketing, and reach.

If you are a non-profit organization, answer the following....

  1. Who benefits most from what you offer?

  2. How does what you do make you feel?

  3. What should the community you serve know about you?

  4. What could you use more of?

  5. Which people, organizations, and businesses could help you achieve your goals?

We've just created a basic outline to tell your organization's story. Is it a tear-jerker? (I hope so, I love making people cry...for good reasons!) Now, imagine the visuals that go with those answers. Now imagine those visuals created with high quality cinema cameras that elevate your brand sand imagine a crew you'd really enjoy working with that can share your passion for making the world a little better. You don't actually have to imagine that last part. That's us! ;-)


Below are more examples of the types of videos we produced for ARC, a non-profit spay & neuter

facility that provides low cost services in South Central Florida.


Let us know how we can help you help others and

we'd be happy to discuss your marketing content needs and put together a cost sensitive proposal that helps you further gain your community's confidence and increase the benefaction for your cause.


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