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You have something to say...but WHAT should you say?

You may know you need content that reaches an audience that's interested in your products or services but if don't know what you need to say, then this article might help you out.

Behind the scenes with teleprompter
At Lunarvue Media we will make you look great, but we can also coach you with your delivery and what you need to say. Here, we are shooting for an agency and helping their client get the messaging just right for a TV commercial.

What are you even talking about?!

The adage is, "how you say it is just as important as what you say." This is true but conversely, "what you say is also as important as how you say it." We often focus on what we sound like or what we look like, but it's really the substance that counts. A great looking movie doesn't always mean it's great movie, right? (*cough cough Transformers cough cough*)

With that in mind it's easy to be romanced by a production company that shows you a glossy sizzle reel packed with stunning imagery and slick effects, but after you watch examples of their clients' content do you find yourself thinking, "what the heck was that video even for?!"

Sometimes a video producer can spend much of their attention on shallow depth of field, the perfect LUT applied for that rich color, and the matched action edits that sync perfectly with the beat of the track, but they can forget that there's a reason why they are doing any of it in the first place! It's all too easy to fall in love with the art-of-video production, but sometimes that can be to the detriment of the overall mission: making sure the client's video is effective. So before anyone even thinks about the perfect shots, we need to talk about creating a script.

The script? Yes, the script!

You don't think you need a script? Oh you think you can wing-it? Record yourself on your phone winging-it. Go ahead...then come back and start reading this.'d you do? You think you did pretty good? Now do it again, this time pare everything down into 2 minutes or less with no um's, no ah's, and no mistakes. How'd that work out? No so well? It's okay, we can fix it. You just need to have a plan for what to say and luckily, it's easier than you'd think.

You need structure in your life

Every story has a beginning, a middle, and end and your video is the same. You are telling the story about your brand or product; why it exists and how it came to be. You are explaining how your hero (the reader) can fix their problem and live a better life. Let's outline how your story will be structured:

  1. Identify the problem. What issue does your core customer/client have?

  2. Why this issue was important to you and your journey to solving it.

  3. Highlight how other products/services fall short.

  4. Identify how your product/service is changing the game and is popular (testimonials?)

  5. Illustrate the value of your product/service and call-to-action.

There's more nuance than just this, but it's a good start. We want your customer or client to feel a connection to your brand and if they embrace what you are all about they can be the hero of their story. Once we have a good foundation we can focus on the creative elements.

You have your story structure outlined, but now what?

After our 30 minute discovery call where we identify the types of video content that can help you best. We can book some time to dig deeper into the structure and fine tune the messaging that you want your perfect customer or client to connect with. Then we identify the style that suits your brand and determine what shots we need to capture and who is going to be on camera. Finally it's lights, cameras, action...and high fives! Now your videos will look good, sound good, AND WORK GREAT! The best part won't have to wing-it at all. :-)


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