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The Power of Personality

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Why YOU are important. Consumers connect to who you are as a brand as much as they do to what you are selling to them.

If I say Nike, what do you think of? Maybe Michael Jordan and basketball? If I mention Apple you think of Steve Jobs or perhaps coffee shop hipsters and creatives? What brings to mind if I say Aston Martin? Luxury, performance, sophistication and James Bond? We all connect brands to an identity. We all hope that purchasing an item will make us more like someone we strive to be, or give us access into the "club" of cool kids. You know what I'm talking about....someone that wears an Apple watch is projecting an image that someone just wearing a regular watch is not.

What you are selling is just part one. Part two is selling the image of who buys your product. One great way to do that is to present why you created your company and to show who YOU are. Because YOU and your company needs to cultivate brand identity to reach the people who identify with you. The same attributes that drove you to create your business and what you offer are the same attributes that others admire about you and what they want to see in themselves. The best way to reveal these attributes is through story, and online video is the best conduit for that story.

So how can you identify your story or what your "brand" is? Here's a few simple starting steps:

  1. Ask your friends what comes to mind when they think of you and your company.

  2. Ask your clients why they purchase what you offer.

  3. What obstacles have you overcome to be where you are?

  4. Who or what inspires you?

  5. Where would you like your brand to be in 5 years?

Work with a marketing professional to help you cultivate that story so you can better reach the people you identify with that would in turn, identify with you and your brand. Sometimes when you are so close to what you are doing, you're the last person to see what others see in you. Remember, marketing isn't just about you selling's about you selling to someone.

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