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5 Videos Your Company Needs to Have

Video is the best way to convey who you are to who needs to know what you offer. Video is a compelling medium that is able to tug at the heartstrings, inform, and inspire. Here are the are 5 videos that every company should have.

  1. The Business Profile Video: This highly produced, branded video should be prominently featured on your website's homepage and showcased on all the social media channels. It should be professionally created to introduce your brand's personality and business philosophy.

  2. The "About Us" Video: People prefer to do business with people that they they know and that they trust. Video is the best way to make that great first impression. This professionally created video introduces your potential new clients or customers to the faces that are behind your brand.

  3. Testimonial Videos: One of the most influential videos your company can have. Testimonials share your star client's views about your company. Their love of your brand is infectious and is your best advertisement. Your potential new clients see themselves in your past client, so let their words influence your future clients to take action.

  4. The "How To" or Instructional Video: Does your company or it's products solve a problem? It likely does. This is why people purchase what you have to offer. A "how to" video provides value by offering content that teaches. Having a series of these videos on YouTube can create another path for people to find your company online.

  5. The Product Video: Show off what you make or sell in a way that is slick and professional. Visuals have an amazing capacity to influence purchaser's decisions. Marketing studies have shown that products that have accompanying videos are more likely to sell over those that don't. If you don't have products, but offer a service, a "case study" video can accomplish the same thing. More to come about those videos in a future blog post.

You may have noticed that most larger companies and brands have video online and on their social media platforms. This is not a fad. This is not going away. This is the new way to reach fresh eyeballs. This is the preferred way for many customers to make purchasing decisions. This is the present and it will be the future. You don't have to be a big brand of have a big budget to create videos that get results. If your company hasn't considered creating at least 3 of these 5 videos, just know that your competitor is.

Multi-camera interview shoot with YKKAP enginners creating a case study video about how their revilutionary products are changing their industry.
Shooting with mult-national engineering firm YKKAP


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