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They Eat With Their let us feed them.

We are visual creatures. We love aesthetics. We are attracted to cool cars, shiny baubles, polished wardrobes, and bright colorful cuisine.

We just can't help but be drawn to the things that look amazing. Food plays into this in a major way. When you go dine out with your friends and your dish is brought out, what does everyone at the table do and say? "Oooooo...that looks soooo gooooood!" Everyone at the table already 'tasted' your food with their eyes before the platter is even set before you! Usually they follow with, "I'm going to get THAT next time!" We just can't help it, it's how humans are wired.

So here's where good imagery comes in to play; as a business owner, you want to present your product in the best way possible in your marketing materials, online, and in your social media feeds. Casual iPhone photos are fine sometimes, but are they the best? Are your iPhone pics going to make your offerings stand out amongst the hundreds of others entrepreneurs that figured their iPhone pics were good enough too?

Remember "Good Enough" is never "Great." You've sunk your life savings, your blood, sweat, and plenty of tears into your business or your restaurant, so it's important to not cut corners now. Your success counts on you being able to make the best first impression possible and then keep them coming back. High quality, professional images can help do that for you. Let your potential new customers feast with their eyes before they ever set foot into your establishment. Then keep them coming back for more, by posting new updated images as often as you can so that they say, "Ooooo I'm going to get THAT next time!"

So what does it cost to get glossy magazine quality imagery? A lot less than you'd think when you work with professional photographers who understand how to shoot what you make and who can do it efficiently. See the photos above? All those shots and dozens more just like them were shot by our Lunarvue Media team in just a few hours...during an actual dinner service!

We know you spent years to become the pro that you are today, cultivating your craft, perfecting your art. So have we. We will leave the cooking to you, and you can leave the visual marketing to us. Although....I do have to say, I can make a pretty mean peanut butter & jelly sandwich.



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