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The sight of your sound

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Do you know the difference between a music video and a performance video? If you are a musician, a music producer, or a music label you know better than anyone that an artist's image is just as important as their sound and having video representation on the internet is the best way to reach a larger audience.

World renowned, award winning smooth jazz artist, Nate Mitchell worked with Lunarvue Media to create this 4K music video to release alongside a brand new single.

For you musicians a lot of time and effort is spent on cultivating your sound, but you also need to spend time and effort on your image. Today that means increasing your online presence not just for your website, but also on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, even LinkedIn! Each platform hits a different target. TikTok skews to a younger taste-maker crowd, Youtube helps you appear in search results (did you know Google owns YouTube?), Instagram helps you find fans that align with your style, and Facebook helps you reach the fans you already have. Lastly, LikedIn might even land you a booking for those big corporate gigs! The one thing all these platforms have in common is that they prioritize video over anything else. If you don't have won't be seen, and if you aren't being can't be heard. If getting your music to the masses, to distributors, to the labels, and booking agents is the goal, then you need videos. So where do you start? Do you need a music video like the one above, or do you need a performance video like the one below?

Artist Leatris Read brought on Lunarvue Media to capture a live, in-studio performance to help

book more in-person gigs.

A Music Video captures the essence of a song and the artist's overall vibe, it's more conceptual in nature. A Performance Video captures the way an artist engages with their audience, the look and sound of an actual performance to a live crowd or in a studio. Music Videos and Performance Videos both have two different approaches to production;

  1. In a music video we shoot in different locations while the artist lip syncs to their produced track being played on-site. Then we combine all the shots to the pre-produced music in editing and cut it all together along with other footage. A Narrative Music Video can even tell a story through imagery like a mini-movie!

  2. A performance video is the artist ACTUALLY performing. Typically we shoot this with multiple cameras (like the video above) because we are trying to get one clean take. The music is recorded on-site by a recording engineer and then we edit all the camera footgae together into a live recorded performance (or maybe several performances) to create something you might see on a broadcast television program.

But what if you are a solo performer? Not a problem! Capturing an intimate performance with quality sound is still the objective, just like in this video below that we shot with Ari Chi.

Singer -Songwriter Ari Chi's acoustic performance captured by Lunarvue Media for the popular Tampa

based music streaming show, Coda Project.

So those are two main types of videos that can be made, but there's still more ways to highlight music through video. A behind the scenes video of a recording session or documentary backstage, an album release party, a charity event, or a funky live performance in a unique venue are all great ways to connect with your fans and reach new ones as well. Lunarvue Media covered an album release party for Tampa based hip-hop artist Pusha Preme along with WMNF 88.5's Live Music Showcase host, Ken Apperson. The result, a video that encapsulates the feel of the night and provides some testimonial as to why Pusha Preme is a leading voice in Tampa's dynamic and emerging music scene.

WMNF Radio Personality, Ken Apperson interviews Billboard chart topping hip-hop artist and producer, Push Preme


During COVID-19 another popular way to reach audiences emerged...the Live-Stream. What started as performers playing in front of friends and family on their iPhones direct to Facebook or Youtube ended up becoming a new way to put on a live remote concert for audiences at home. Lunarvue Media helped to launch "Coda Project" a weekly live stream direct to Facebook at the height of the pandemic to provide a more polished and professional live-stream experience for emerging artists to continue to grow their fan base. It was wildly successful and proof-positive that live-streaming performances are here to stay. Those videos are still online now and we are working toward evolving the concept.



Image is everything!

As an artist you can cultivate your image through video and get discovered, then capitalize on the power of video to grow you as a brand. Pop group DBMK did just that. Through their own savy social media efforts, they even landed a corporate sponsorship with Vans Footwear (notice the shoes in the video below).

DBMK worked with Lunarvue Media to create a moody feel for the title track of their album.

Working with music artists is how we got started over a decade ago and it continues to be our passion. We leaned early on that this is something we can do well when we produced a series of "unplugged" videos for a then young band called Needtobreathe. They have since grown into a phenomenon and have performed with Taylor Swift, had their music featured by the NFL, been on The Tonight Show, and even featured in Disney movies. Remember, as a music artist, YOU are your music's best ambassador. Your potential new audience is buying into your sound but they are also buying into what you represent visually as your brand.

A throwback to over 13 years ago when one of our favorite bands was still trying to break into the business in a big way. Lunarvue produced a series of videos featuring Needtobreathe for broadcast that resulted in an Emmy win for Lunarvue and a music contract for them.

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