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You made a's bad. Now what?

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

How bad video can be worse than no video.

So you watched that awesome professional video your competitor posted on Facebook and you finally decided your business needed a video too. How hard could it be? So you 'volun-told' your employees they would have to be on camera, recruited your film-student nephew to help out, penciled out a plan, gathered everyone in the lobby, and now it was time to make cinema history! Everyone reluctantly got through their lines, you scratched through each shot on your spreadsheet and then at the end, you called everyone out to the parking lot for that big group shot where you all smile and all wave to the camera. That's a wrap!

Over the weekend your nephew sent you a Youtube link in an email. You hit play....what is that music? It sounds like an 80's Casio keyboard. The opening shot reveals the smirk of your receptionist in clear contrast to your intern's over-exuberant performance as the customer. The lobby looks way darker than you realized too, sort of looks a little like a horror flick. With eyebrows raised, you keep playing....maybe placing that sales rep in front of the big window in the conference room was a bad idea. He's backlit and looks like he's in the witness protection program. This is coming off the rails, but you keep watching. The CEO insisted shooting her part during her lunch that a half eaten Big Mac in the shot? Worse, you can't even hear her talking over the sound of the air conditioner! This. Is. A. Disaster.

This video doesn't accurately represent your brand's values, identity, or your team's professionalism. Should you leave it posted? Is it better than nothing you wonder. You decide to take it down, but then you see the already picked up 389 views over the weekend! Who watched it? The competition? Or was it 389 potential customers, and NOW this is their first impression of your company?! (face palm)

Online video is sometimes your best chance at making a first impression. People search YouTube everyday for goods and services and Google ranks videos highest. Ever notice all those videos at the top of your search cue? That video you made, or those old outdated videos that were created long ago are still living on, eroding your brand's hard-earned reputation everyday. Bad news is, they've already done some damage. Good news is, it's not too late to take them down and do it right. After all, your brand is worth the investment.

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